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Strawberry Shortcake

(5 customer reviews)


Strawberry Shortcake CBD is a sativa dominant strain. Created and cultivated in California

Cookies and Sunset Sherbet fans take note! Funky Candy on the top with a mixed aroma of diesel and strawberryStrawberry Shortcake is a sativa dominant strain of a J3 cut of Juliet / crossed with a Strawberry Diesel.

• Sativa 65% Indica 35% 
• CBD 24% THC <0.2 %
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Strawberry Shortcake Hemp Flower

First, let’s take a look at Strawberry Shortcake hemp flower in general.

This comprises its properties, impacts, and applications.

Then we’ll look at its chemical profile in detail.

Finally, you’ll receive our overall rating as well as our top-recommended applications.

If you read all the way to the end, you’ll find a special discount on Strawberry Shortcake pre-roll bundles.

Strawberry Shortcake Hemp Flower | Description

Imagine a strain with the flavours of strawberries and creamy cheesecake.

This strain is rich with terpenes that give it a unique sweet, strawberry, and cheese flavor.

However, we cultivate strawberry shortcake hemp flower outdoors under the sun and stars.

Dark green nugs with pink calyxes and dark orange hairs characterize Strawberry Cake.

Its high resin content forms a layer of crystallized trichomes on its pinkish blossoms, giving them a sugar-coated appearance.

This strain has a delicious strawberry flavour and perfume

Nevertheless, it also has the sour, dank, and pungent odour of its cheesy forefathers.

This strain has enough effect and potency for anyone looking for physical and stress relief.

Strawberry shortcake has a nice mood-boosting and soothing impact.

This makes it ideal for social gatherings as well as time spent at home.

Continue reading to find out more about this strain.

We’ll go over Strawberry Cake’s terpene profile, phytocannabinoid concentration, and genetics in the following sections.

Best Uses

Strawberry Cake is a CBD-rich hemp strain that’s ideal for anyone looking for a well-balanced relaxing impact on the body and mind, as well as a pleasant mood boost.

This strain is ideal for social gatherings and conversation starters.

Its distinct cheesy scent and strawberry flavor complement appetizers and desserts beautifully.

Strawberry Cake CBD hemp flower is a rare boutique strain profile for hemp flower connoisseurs to add to their palette.

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250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg

5 reviews for Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Anton Kelly

    I ordered this on my 1st order. I was incredibly impressed with the speed of delivery and how well its packed. I was worried it would smell but you can’t smell as thing until you have got through all the layers and popped the pot.
    As for the bud, it smells fantastic.

  2. Ben Brunskill

    I wasn’t a fan off this stuff, I got to be honest, it was really bad tasting, but it’s not the nicest I’ve had, the buds and size off the gram I got were fantastic, but I just didn’t enjoy it unfortunately, I hate to leave bad reviews on brilliant company’s doing great stuff, but I just thought I would voice my opinion 🙂 , the bud was really really harsh which give a real nasty oil taste not really fruity or strawberry’ish, on the other hand I got my regular AK47 and it was class just as it usually is 10/10, I’ll be trying something else on my next purchase along with my regular AK 😁

  3. Kaye Cameron

    I am loving the cbd flowers this is the second one I’ve tried. Strawberry shortcake smells so much like strawberries smells yummy and so much like the real thing nearly. It’s helping my anxiety lots and my disabilities with pain and muscle spasms and tics I suffer with. Amazing products will be ordering a lot

  4. Andrew Matthews

    Your delivery service is spot on 👌🏻only ordered yesterday and it’s arrived this morning.
    I’ve just moved to CBD . Glad I’ve made the move. I’m feeling more fresh these days 😎 Strawberry cough is a nice chilled smoke. The silver haze has just arrived. I’ll try it tonight and let you guys know.

  5. Aliengreen

    Top notch really enjoyed flavor and smell, service is first class too.

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Customer Reviews

CBD Hemp Flavours

Customer Reviews

Ruby Adams 15/12/2019

Vaporizer Retailer
Great service, and delivery is never late! Products are high quality and never have anything bad to say! Would always recommend cbd hemp flavours! Looked at loads of other UK CBD companies but can never find deals as good as cbd hemp flavours! Overall great company! Very happy customer always!

Jerry Frimena 25/01/2020

Ordered a few times via their website. They get me every time with their great deals. Excellent quality and their CBD is excellent for a nice relaxed evening..

David 14/02/2020

This is the only CBD hemp company for me. They meet all my expectations. Happy Valentine's day to you. Smoking your stuff makes feel loved.

Tion999 26/03/2020

Today is my birthday and I could not believe my wife bought CBD from this company as a birthday gift. After smoking your product I had to ask my wife where she ordered such Hemp with high quality, smooth and earthy flavour. She sent me here and I ordered again. Definitely the best Hemp i have ever smoked

Banks 15/07/2020

I was having issues sleeping, had chronic back pains too. I found this website on google and when i asked if they was something the can do to help, they recommended the Frosted cake strain. Even though it didn't cure the issues but i experienced a drastic reduction in the pains more than what the drugs prescribed for me in the hospital has done and I sleep well now. No issues of Insomnia.

Timz 03/09/2020

I can't smoke THC, but CBD sits well with me and helps with my anxiety, calms my mind and body, and helps me throughout the day. It also helps me sleep, and I strongly suggest it. I'll keep buying it from this site.

Rexxie 13/10/2020

I was concerned about the quality, ordering, the possibility of a fraud, sluggish shipment, and a subpar product, but this was anything but. It's lovely hemp, and the quality is undeniable. It's also a terrific deal, with lightning-fast shipping (three days) and SMS updates. I wouldn't recommend the full taste trim because it seems to have been mixed in with other herbs, but the Elektra is fantastic, and I will be buying it again. You did an excellent job!

Opar James 25/12/2020

I ordered a little bit of all the cbd buds they offer and this one truely helped my anxiety. ..even found myself getting the giggles. Great stuff, will order again.

Derick45 02/08/2021

Thank you, they have the best CBD flowers I've ever seen, I've been looking for this kind of quality in the UK, and my package arrived earlier than expected. I'll be sure to order again